Personal Chef - Too Indulgent?

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Jun 142011

On a recent flight, I had way too much time to myself to think. The first thought – the seed thought, if you will – was that I really wanted fresh guacamole. Knowing I could not get this on the plane, I began thinking about how I’d get my hands on some at home. As kind of a food snob, I ruled out stopping at taco bell or baja fresh and began thinking about some of the local eateries and whether they would do carry out, but this would be kind of a pain in the ass and also expensive. I also ruled out making my own because I was tired and because selecting fresh avocados from our crappy local grocery stores would be a challenge. So, I began thinking, “Boy, I wish I had a personal chef whose job it was to buy the ingredients and prepare me fresh guacamole at my beck and call.” I then laughed at myself, at the outrageousness of paying someone to make my food, and put the thought out of my head.

But today I was having a conversation with my lovely friend Carrie about the demands of work and life and extracurriculars and we were both complaining about how difficult it is to work a full eight (often more) hours, sit through traffic, and then prepare a fresh, healthy, nutritious meal that is ready to be eaten at a reasonable hour. I personally fail at this frequently, often ending up either going out or making the easiest and carbiest possible choice. Even if I did get home with enough time to put together a great dinner, I’m usually too tired to do much more than drop on the couch.

So why shouldn’t I consider hiring a professional to do the hard stuff for me. Sure, I love to cook (well, really I LOVE to bake, and just like cooking), but I hate prep work and enjoy clean-up even less. What if I had an employee whose job it was to buy my food – carefully selecting only the best meat and produce – prep it all,  cook it up, and clean up? How much would my quality of life improve? I think it would be great.

I have not done any research, and probably won’t because my whims are exactly that. But just noodling the idea, I imagine I could reach out to the Art Institute’s culinary program to see if there’s a young, talented aspiring food network star who wants to work cheap and maybe get some internship credit as well as experience preparing some domestic cuisine. This delightful young entrepreneur can build some specialties, working within my specific limitations (no mushrooms, mayo, or bananas – weird, right?) and probably collect delightful vignettes about his/her quirky employer. I think it’s genius.

I don’t pay a cleaning service, or a gardener (yet), so why not allow myself this one strange indulgence?

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